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Marc was a phenomenal agent for both the sale of our old house and the purchase of our current one. He was very adaptable to our particular situation, and remained calm and professional through all the vagaries of the transactions, from competing offers and home inspections through the mortgage and settlement processes. His recommendations on fixing-up and pricing the sale house were right on target, and we were impressed at how rapidly our home sold in the current market. Other than the significant savings on his fee, we noticed no difference between Marc's Help-You-Sell service and that provided by the full-price agencies we've worked with before. Zillow Review
Marc Dosik of HelpUSell helped me to sell my home with the patience of a saint, good humor through all my troubles with potential buyers, staying with me through the end when he found for me a legitimate buyer. He gave me exacting professionalism and responsiveness throughout. I couldn't have asked for a better agent, and would recommend him to anyone looking for top-level, excellent service, at a very decent price. Angie's List Review
After my first meeting with Marc, I decided he was "the one" and I didn't need to interview any other realtors to sell my property. He was very professional, knowledgeable, and thoroughly covered all my questions. Even though I was not going to be around to fully participate as the "U" in Help-U-Sell, Marc was confident that his team had everything covered for me - and they did! From the beginning, he emphasized how many potential buyers today are computer savvy and rely on first impressions from online listings to draw them into looking at a property. So, we staged my condo, took photos inside and out, and created a beautiful presentation for use online and for the brochure. My property was widely publicized and immediately received a lot of interest - and we had an accepted contract in 3 days! Marc's advice was based on his sound real estate experience and I never felt pressured to make decisions I wasn't comfortable with or ready to make. Marc and his team were with me every step of the way - always there to explain things, keep me posted on the status each step, and at the table to close the deal. I relied on their expertise and their beginning-to-end guidance and support made my real estate transaction a success. I highly recommend Marc and his team to anyone stepping into the real estate arena! Zillow Review
This is the fourth home I've sold. Of all the real estate agents I've worked with, Marc has been the most capable and easiest to work with. Marc did WAY more than he needed to, but always made it seem like it was simply his job to do so. He found ways around the rough spots, never gave up, and was always professional, pleasant, and easy-going. He worked well will all parties - sellers, buyers, banks, title companies, appraisers, etc. In short, Marc was the anchor in our transaction - he brought everything together and made everything work. I found Marc simply by being curious about this "Help-U-Sell" service and calling their main number and they referred me to Marc. If you need to sell your house in the DC area, call Marc directly. You will probably get WAY more service than from other "big boy" realty firms, but will definitely pay a LOT less! Zillow Review
Marc is extremely hard working, personable and good at his job. From the moment we began working together and to the end of our 5 month sales process, I was impressed by his responsiveness and professionalism. He understood our goals and successfully guided us to meet them in the shortest time possible. At no time did I feel that we were getting less because we were paying less. I would highly recommend Marc and his team to anyone looking for home sales assistance. Zillow Review
We first sold our house and compared Marc's company to a full service agency and the only real difference was a full service agency conducts open houses. But the savings in commission fees strongly outweighed that activity. Marc was extremely responsive to all our needs and since the selling of the house was the result of a divorce settlement also mediated between the two parties since trust was an issue between the parties. We also engaged Marc in finding a new home, and he constantly provided us listings and was always available to show us homes. Totally satisfied with Marc's services. Zillow Review
Marc Dosik has been my real estate broker for well over 5 years. His outstanding knowledge of the Washington Metropolitan Area along with his exceptional ability and skill set has helped me successfully buy and sell several residential properties. My real estate experiences are real deep. I have been a real estate agent (completing all of the GRI courses), landlord of several DC rental properties and renovated and sold several DC properties. I have worked with many real estate professionals during these experiences but I have never met any as knowledgeable and capable as Marc. He is well deserving of the top 5% rating. Zillow Review
Mark worked tirelessly to help me buy my first house in DC. I had a low budget, and was buying a foreclosure property soon after the market crashed -- not an easy transaction. Yet, Marc treated me like I was his only client and was always just a phone call away. He was professional and more than patient with the less-than-professional selling agent who did NOTHING to facilitate the transaction. When friends of mine were looking to move back into the area, I enthusiastically recommended Marc. He once again worked tirelessly, helping them find something that fit both their (sometimes contradicting) tastes. I would highly recommend Marc to anyone that is looking for an experienced and honest realtor! Zillow Review
Marc is hands down the best real-estate agent I have ever worked with. I have purchased several homes through out the years and I have never experienced the professionalism that Marc and his team provided. From day one Marc took the time to understand my needs, stayed within my budget and provided me customer service (answering questions, phone calls, emails etc...) in a timely manner. I recently purchased a foreclosure property in a prime location. There were several snags along the way with the listing agent ( foreclosure bank) that could have caused the deal to go sour. However, Marc and his team went above and beyond to make sure that didn't happen. Marc, explained the processes of bank foreclosure buys, spent hours making phone calls, emails and responded to several unexpected service calls that required him to be at the property. I can go on and on about how pleased I am with Marc's work and his personality is just amazing. There were so many times Marc knew exactly what to say when all I wanted to do was cry lol (do to the stress of foreclosure process) but instead I laughed and took a deep breathe. If you want someone that is honest, knowledgeable and works hard choose Marc Dosik Help-U-Sell. Zillow Review
I did not know Marc personally until early of 2011 when I started to look for a house in Maryland. Before and after I met with him, I still kept other agencies around, some from my community, some from the signs in front of the houses or some from the online advertizement. Because I was new in Maryland I needed to know as many reputable agencies as I could, so I can pick up the best one when I really needed one. If I was a millionair and looking for a nice house having enough cash in hand, I might not need to spend that much time and energy to find my agency--Most of agencies were qualified to have at least 3-4 stars and they were good to request service. But with a little money in hand, having failed to get a loan before and still looking for a valued house in my favorite town, also counting in future investment return, it was a big task for an ordinary individual to find a really reliable, knowledgable, honest, smart and capable ageny working for you, and I bet with Marc dosik on early November 2011, and I hit a jack pot!--I still believe it is really worthy of a jack pot! Zillow Review
Marc Dosik and I have had a real estate business relationship for several years. He has worked with me to sell 2 of 4 homes on Capitol Hill that I am liquidating as part of a late sibling’s estate. I’m very impressed with Marc’s abilities. His style is VERY flexible and open-minded in terms of satisfying the client’s needs. ‘Trust’ and ‘honesty’ are absolute requirements for me in any type of business dealing. Marc creates that environment from the very first meeting, and works hard to continually develop and support those elements of the partnership. Also, compared to the fees charged by traditional real estate companies, Marc’s are remarkable. They are EXTREMELY fair in terms of the services provided. Without question I would highly recommend Marc to anyone for their real estate needs! Zillow Review
Marc Dosik was an absolute pleasure to work with! My husband and I discovered him while he was the listing agent for a property being sold in the same area we were looking to purchase a home in. From our first conversation, we could tell Marc was very knowledgeable about neighborhoods and house prices in the DC area. He was also familiar with many of the other listing agents we came across in our housing search. He was always able and willing to take us out to look at properties, regardless of the day of the week or the time of the day. He never pressured us into any decisions, or tried to show us houses out of our preferred price range. When we found our perfect house, he helped us negotiate a fabulous deal and truly looked out for our interests. Thanks to Marc, we got the house we always wanted at a price and interest rate we never dreamed possible! Needless to say, we highly recommend him!! Zillow Review
If you want to sell a house, it just doesn't make sense to work with conventional real estate agents. They charge too much ... the times have changed and the old business model is over. With Help-U-Sell you can save significant amounts of money. Although we were not trying to sell a house, I turned to Marc because I thought that working with people from Help-U-Sell would make sense. And it turned out to be a good decision. Marc is not only a very clever and knowledgeable guy, but a very nice person to work with. And that is very important (especially if you are very picky/demanding person). After several bids, and even withdrawing one bid, we got tired and frustrated with the whole house hunting process. But Marc was still OK with us and very supportive. Finally, we found a house we liked and Marc was there to negotiate the sale with some weird people on the other side. Among the most important things that we expected from an agent is responsibility and honesty. With Marc, we had both. He responds to emails/phone calls and is there when you need him. This often means having late-at-night emails/faxes offers. And he was very honest with us. We really appreciate his advice and effort. It was a pleasure working with him. Zillow Review
I am not an across the board "5 star" giver for anything. In fact, I never take the time to fill out these things. Marc Dosik, however, is an exception in both areas. Marc has been involved in the selling and buying of 3 properties with us. I never thought I'd move so much in the course of 4 years, but I know realtors are never disappointed with that kind of turnaround. Marc was actually surprised and beyond acting as a realtor, he reaches out regularly as a friend & counselor for his clients going above and beyond in terms of service. I went with a ritzy realtor when we thought we needed to sell again last year. I did this against Marc's advice and he couldn't have been more right. Thankfully we ended up not selling, but throughout the ordeal, I missed being able to call up Marc and commiserate about the process. He is bar none, cut from a different cloth. I would write more if I had time. Call Marc, at least for a consultation - you won't regret it and you'll likely save thousands of dollars. All the best! Zillow Review
Marc Dosik and his staff provided excellent service for us. We tried selling our house using a conventional Realtor on two separate occasions for several months with no results and not even an offer. We decided to use Marc's company and from the very beginning, his staff was always professional and understanding of our needs. With the flat fee, we were able price our house more competitively. Marc was always available and would always respect our wishes and ultimately left the decisions up to us. He provided excellent advice but was never pushy. He would do his best to make sure we understood the details and the impact of different choices but always respected our wishes. When we received a good offer on our house, he lead us through all of the details and made the process as easy as possible. Marc and his team provided all of the services one would receive from a conventional realtor at a much reduced cost. When our buyers had a last minute glitch Marc was right on top of things and pushed the deal through in time for us to close on our new home. We would highly recommend him to anyone considering selling a house. Angie's List Review
Marc Dosik of HelpUSell helped me to sell my home with the patience of a saint, good humor through all my troubles with potential buyers, staying with me through the end when he found for me a legitimate buyer. He gave me exacting professionalism and responsiveness throughout. I couldn't have asked for a better agent, and would recommend him to anyone looking for top-level, excellent service, at a very decent price. Angie's List Review
Marc Dosik sold 3 houses for me the last few years with satisfactory outcomes each time. Member Comments: I met Marc in 2008 after he came highly recommended. He is the best realtor I've dealt with. He is knowledgable, professional, flexible, honest and a very nice person overall. I will continue doing business with him and his company as long as I live in this area, and I will also continue referring him to others. Angie's List Review
Full service real estate agent. Listed my house with all real estate services (MLRS and online), took and posted pictures, scheduled showings, handled all paperwork, assisted in negotiations, answered all questions, and supported the closing. Member Comments: Marc superbly provided all services one would expect of a full service real estate agent, but he did so at a much reduced cost. Marc was personally available 24/7. Both Marc and his staff were responsive to questions, proactive in working with other agents, provided timely and well-thought out advice. Marc personally met with us at our house and explained how his company works and the process if we selected his company. We expected a limited service, cut-rate agent/company - Marc and Help-U-Sell are anything but that. He conducted a walk thru of the house providing recommendations to enhance the home appearance (we took those recommendations). He provided his recommendation as to listing price and sales strategy. His staff took many internal and external pictures, provided those pictures for our review, and provided their recommended selections prior to publishing with the various listing services. His staff provided the listing for our review and approval prior to posting in MLRS or online. He provided a color house flyer on heavy, bond paper to leave for agents during showings. He hired a service to work with us to schedule showings. We ultimately averaged 4.5 showings a day over a ten day period which is when we went under contract. We received multiple offers and Marc walked us thru those offers highlighting the pros and cons of each. He provided comments and suggestions on our negotiation strategy and served as the go between with the other agents. Marc arranged for a conference call with the title company to answer various questions I had about the contract. Marc attended closing and supported us during that process. After closing, Marc's staff went out of their way to assist the new owners in arranging utilities and other services. In short, Marc and Help-U-Sell went above and beyond my expectations. They provided the type of service I would have expected for a multi-million dollar house vice our average Fairfax, VA house. This service was provided at a fraction of the cost of other real estate agents. I would actively seek out Marc for future real estate transactions. Why would anyone look elsewhere? Angie's List Review
Marc helped us sell our existing home as well as purchase a new home. Member Comments: Marc was great throughout the entire selling and buying process. He took the time to make sure we felt comfortable with all of our decisions and was very low key throughout everything. There was no pressure at any time to do anything. He also was great at negotiating both our purchase price for the new house and sold price for our existing home with the other realtors. We highly recommend Marc and Help-U-Sell to anyone looking to buy and/or sell their home! Angie's List Review
Marc and company did a fantastic job. Our house sold in 3 days. They were always on top of things, keeping us apprised of all aspects of the sale. Very responsive to any request. He was extremely knowledgeable about the Washington market and anything else to do with home sales. I would not hesitate to hire Marc again. In addition the price was veery fair! Angie's List Review
Marc was the selling agent for the sale of our condo in SW Washington DC. When some minor repairs and painting were needed before sale, Marc helped locate a qualified repairman. Member Comments: This was the third transaction I've had with Marc and Help-U-Sell. (2 sales and 1 purchase). I originally went with Help-U-Sell to save money but found that I got so much more in the bargain. I've worked with over a dozen realtors in my life. Marc is the best realtor I've ever worked with. When we purchased our condo, Marc helped us obtain the best loan possible. On this last sale, Marc kept me informed as to the progress. Marc worked very hard to insure that all paperwork was completed and on time. The office staff was polite and knowledgeable. I now live in San Diego but if I ever move back to the DC area, I will work with Marc to find a home. Angie's List Review
Marc Dosik helped me list, show and sell a property in a very short amount of time. Member Comments: Marc Dosik came very highly recommended to me from several colleagues (and since working with him, I have also recommended his services to other associates. Everything from the first phone call I made to Marc all the way to closing on the property (he even followed up with me afterwards) went better than I could ever have imagined. Marc is very knowledgeable, professionall and personable. He explained step by step what he was going to do and recommended a fair price for the property that I was happy with and he got a bid in our favor within 3 days of listing. If you are looking to sell your property, please contact Marc for great rates and quick professional turn around time. A++++++ rating. Angie's List Review
We were interested in buying a house in the College Park area and hired Marc as our agent. Initially we met Marc and his partner Bruce for coffee. We described what we wanted and they described the process. They charge an administrative fee on top of the 3% commission they get from the seller, which seems excessive, but the seller's agent did the same thing, so I guess that's standard. Since we were looking for a house we could renovate and Bruce had been a contractor, we ended up working exclusively with him. He was indeed helpful with things like finding mold and identifying load-bearing walls. We looked at a dozen houses over two days and found two we were willing to make offers on. Our decision was simplified when one went under contract. We made an offer on the second one, which is in Beltsville, and got it. Bruce guided us through the next few weeks, arranging and accompanying us to all of our visits to the house. His recommended home inspector was the same one I chose based on Angie's List ratings. Both Bruce and Marc showed up at the closing. A week later I e-mailed Bruce with a problem: the seller, in cleaning up the night before the closing, had put out a recycling bin containing an old TV and a bunch of smelly garbage. Neither the trash people nor the recycling people would take it! Bruce met me at the house, helped clean the TV and recycling bin, and took away the TV and the garbage. Problem solved! Only an agent who missed being a contractor would do something like that. Angie's List Review
I have nothing but good things to say about Marc Dosik and Help-U-Sell. Marc was our buyers agent when we recently bought our house. We had the additional complication that we were moving from California and had to get all our house shopping done in one whirlwind visit in March. Marc coordinated everything flawlessly, organizing things so that we managed to see more than 20 houses in a day and a half. The whole time Marc was patient, helpful and knowledgeable, about the houses, the neighborhoods, everything. He helped us figure out what we wanted without pushing any house on us. After we made an offer he was in constant contact, staying on top of the process. This was more involved than it sounds like, between the sellers being slow to respond to the home inspection report, us having trouble with the lender, and all of this complicated by the fact that we had to do everything remotely from California. My wife was able to come out for the closing, but Marc handled the home inspection and the final-final walkthrough after the seller's rent-back ended. There was a month between when the seller vacated and we moved in, and Marc even stopped by to check on the place and let us know the lawn was getting overgrown. In all cases he responded promptly to e-mails and phone calls, and was just plain pleasant to work with. If/when we sell this house, we'll definitely go to Marc and Help-U-Sell, and we would recommend him to anyone else looking for a good realtor. Angie's List Review
Marc came to our house to discuss the sale of our home. He was punctual, friendly, and thorough. He was approachable and confident. He spoke clearly of what he could do, what the next steps would be, and his availability to meet again. As scheduled, we met to sign the contract and he took pictures, then posted the house. Our house had 3 bids in 3 days - Marc orchestrated the bidding and was very responsive as we discussed the options. His advise helped us and we got the best offer and the best buyer. The process went smoothly and he was in constant contact with us and the other agent. I just felt confident in his intentions to support us and follow through on everything. And he did. I would recommend him. He is friendly, transparent, easy going, attentive, professional, and responsive. All went very well - for a real estate transaction, it was amazingly smooth and painless. Part of it was all the parties involved were good people with good intentions, and that includes Marc and his communication and responsiveness. I never felt that we were being treated differently because we chose to go with Help-U-Sell. We were fully supported by Marc and valued his input and handling of the contract and sale of the house. Angie's List Review
I was so lucky that a friend of mine introduced me to Marc Dosik when I expressed my interest in buying a single house for my family. Right from the beginning at mid-2009, Marc showed full understanding for my requirements and features of our dream house. But most of all, he showed his full readiness and enthusiasm in trying to help us find we needed. He was so punctual and ever-ready to show us the houses that we used to select out from the numerous sets of properties he was sending us via his real-estate website, and he used to take us in his own car to see those houses. Each time he was giving us his recommendations and pieces of advice that helped us finally choose our house in Olney, MD. During the process of buying he was of great help in explaining each step including the house inspection, paperwork, bank loan, and other negotiations till we finally sat together with all parties concerned, including Marc to finalize the paperwork and deed. Zillow Review
We got off to a bumpy start but this was partly due to the fact that we were trying to sell in July/August perhaps not the best time to sell. We did receive an offer we were happy with and Marc did a great job negotiating. His office is very responsive, friendly and thorough and they helped me right up to the closing. We are now looking for a house and he is our buyer's agent. Angie's List Review
Marc helped my purchase my 2nd home in DC. He is an absolutely great real estate agent. He knows DC inside and out. He is patient and very timely. I am very happy to recommend Marc. Zillow Review
Marc was very helpful in getting our house sold within 3 months of putting it on the market. He had good suggestions and gave us all the information we needed for a successful sale. Thanks, Marc! Zillow Review
My mom needed to sell her house immediately and move to a smaller, more secured abode. Marc sold her house in one weekend. Buyers started coming by Friday and it was sold by Sunday. The man knows what he is doing. He's good, he's personable and he's effective. Zillow Review
Help U Sell does everything a regular real estate agency does but charges a fixed price. Marc was great to work with. He was very knowledgable and had worked quite a few years in real estate working in various agencies. He or his staff returned calls or emails very quickly. He wrote a great description of the house and marketed i well. i got a great price for it and am now happily living someplace else. Angie's List Review
Marc was great to work with on the sale of our home. He made excellent suggestions as we prepared to list the house and was very responsive to anything we asked. If the circumstance arose again, I would not hesitate to engage his services again nor recommend him to others. Zillow Review
Marc was extremely nice, easy to work with, and honest. He spent a lot of time with us over a period of a few years showing us houses off and on before we finally purchased something. I'm sure a lot of other agents would have given up on us. Not Marc. Highly recommend. Angie's List Review
I found Marc through angieslist.com. Since he had great reviews there, I decided to call him. I found him very personable and easy to work with. He explained how the house could take up to a year to sell. However, to my relief and surprise, it sold in about three months. He is very knowledgeable about short sales. If I am ever in the market to buy or sell a house again, I will definitely contact him. Zillow Review
Marc has been helping me sell my house for a year now. Ended up being a very complicated short sale and he stuck through the entire process and was always very helpful. He always returned my phone calls, answered my questions, and gave me guidance throughout the whole ordeal. Zillow Review
Marc was a real pleasure to work with. His experience and expertise are on par with the very best. I was not expecting such full service at his rate, but I could not have asked for more or better. He adroitly got my house sold within two months in a difficult market - and adroitly negotiated a better offer from a buyer. His expertise, candidness and honesty are impressive, and he is a good guy easy to like. Zillow Review
Marc did a fabulous job listing and selling my house. He was always upbeat, positive and very responsive in a timely manner. The only down side I encountered was to clear out of the house quickly so that all the shoppers could view the house. The upside to that I went out to dinner a lot! I credit Marc fol the high foot traffic because of the great photos he took and the description of property. I would definitely recommend Marc to anyone in need of his services. Zillow Review
Marc Dosik's group has been exceptional. He explains, follows through and is practical. From the first contact to closing he stood by us and we are forever grateful. Angie's List Review
Marc provided strategic advice on selling home, took photographs, designed marketing materials, provide advice on negotiations and guidance on closing procedure. He did very well. Excellent advice on selling strategies. Very helpful on information pertaining to all aspects of listing and selling procedure. Deep knowledge of procedures, legalities. Very pleasant to work with. Angie's List Review
I found Marc visiting some of his listings in the Washington, DC region. He helped me sell my home ( a very expensive house). He found great buyers and the deal went smoothly. He provides excellent service that is very affordable. I recommend him highly. Zillow Review
Marc was very helpful in helping me to purchase a home in the Maryland area close to DC. We looked at many homes in my price range in the areas I was interested and when I found the perfect one he did everything in his power to help me have the winning contract. Zillow Review
Marc was very responsive and worked hard for my wife and I. We were first time buyers and his knowledge was very comforting in the buying process. He returned calls and emails in a timely manner. He was VERY helpful in the negotiation process. Zillow Review
As a first time home buyer , Marc made sure I was comfortable with each procedure in the home buying process. He works with you at your pace and offers great advice. Marc worked diligently with the seller to get me the best deal possible. He is very personable and has a great demeanor. I would recommend his services to anyone I know. Zillow Review
Marc was a helpful, resourceful ally in helping us sell our Capitol Hill condo. Working through Help-U-Sell also allowed us to make about $10,000 in extra profit which ended being crucial in the purchase of our next home. Marc is a smart, reliable professional. Zillow Review
Marc was very knowledgeable, friendly and helpful when we bought our home. He helped us in all stages of home buying from his brilliant website which enabled me to seek and find the top properties I was interested in - which was very empowering, to negotiating with the seller and signing the closing documents. I highly recommend this agent. Zillow Review
Having Marc in my corner made all the difference: He’s detail-oriented, aggressive (in a good way), kind, seasoned, well informed, and on top of his game. He’s also a ferocious negotiator who’s not afraid to stand up for his clients. I highly recommend Marc, a real gem! Zillow Review
I couldn't have asked for a better agent to work with in firing my new home! Marc was proactive in pursuing listings I was I interested in, was available to answer my many questions, and was always willing to show me another condo or house (even of it meant more hours in the rain!). Marc easily negotiated with the selling agent and provided me with expert knowledge throughout my search, escrow and closing. He was by my side through the whole process, making the entire thing painless- not something I expected while buying a condo! Thank you Marc! Zillow Review
I sold a condo in 2009 and bought another condo in 2011, both in the Washington, DC area with the help of Marc. He is the best real estate agent I've ever worked with. Marc keeps you informed of the progress and the procedures. He stays with you until the completion of the sale. Zillow Review
Marc was very knowledgeable of the buying and selling process. We purchased a short sale and Marc prepared us for all of the paper work and all of the potential pitfalls. He knew more than the listing agent for the short sale and was key to getting the deal done. He also sold our home in Washington, DC. We had an offer in less than one week because he helped us price the home right Zillow Review
Extremely reliable and responsive, persistent and helpful. This transaction took well over a year and he was on top of it all the time as if I was his only client! Zillow Review
Listed and sold my house in Washington, DC in 4 weeks at a time when million dollar sales were slow. Provided the necessary assistance to make the sales and closing process quite smooth. Zillow Review
Marc was great and very professional. Always returned calls and emails in a timely manner. Very friendly, patient and always encouraging in frustrating times. Zillow Review
Marc did an excellent job of marketing my property and negotiating the sale. I have worked with many real estate agents and I highly recommend Marc Dosik as a professional who stands out among the best in the area. Zillow Review
Marc Dosik of Help U Sell Realty is the Every Man's Realtor. From start to finish he used no sale gimmicks. I felt free to make my own home buying decision and he made it happen. He was so good I sent three of my closest friends to Marc. All of my friends ended up very satisfied, happy home owners. When I purchase my next home, I will definitely use Marc Dosik. Zillow Review
Marc Dosik was excellent from beginning to end. My short sale took longer than expected and he never waivered. He was very responsive, professional, and held my hand the whole way. I would not hesitate to use his services again. Zillow Review
We turned to Marc after using another agent. He did a fantastic job of helping us throughout sale. Zillow Review
Marc is not only dedicated, reliable, knowledgeable and connected to make the transaction smooth; he's a great guy. Zillow Review

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